Twitter Polls a great way to reach your followers

News 04:10 October 2019:

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There are many interesting things about Twitter for those who care to check.  It is one platform where all are equal.  It is considered to one giant playing field where giants and small businesses meet and compete aggressively.  The only difference will be on who puts the best foot forward.  The Twitter Polls is one feature that has been greatly used by businesses both small and large to gauge a product in the market.  The good thing is that it is easy to create, is absolutely and comes with great benefits to businesses in the long run regarding a product or its launch.

Creating long term interaction with your followers will depend on your engagement with them.  Do not be a dormant follower and just wake up one day and want to create a poll.  People easily associate with followers who appreciate them in one way or another.  This includes people who choose to like their comments or likes and those who have created an impact in their well being.  As a company or brand whether big or small you can reach out to your followers through simple give-away like e-book, promotion or codes.  The simplest and easiest way to reach you followers is to give them a freebie.

Once you have created a rapport with your followers, it will be easier for them to participate in a Twitter Polls.  It is of great importance that when creating a poll you integrate a lot of interesting lifestyle questions that will make them tick and want more.  All polls have a life-line and anyone creating the same should not forget that.  It can be for a few hours to seven days at most.  And if for one reason or another you have reached your goal, it is of great importance to appreciate your participants by giving out the overall feedback.


Some of the questions shared on the polls include simple yet difficult to make decisions like a dogs name.  Brands also use the same platform to reach their followers regarding a particular brand.  It is an easier way to get answers from a large number of people all spread across the world.  It is of course a cheaper way to garner the right information from the right people without ever spending a dime on surveys.  Surveys are known to sometimes be long and quite boring not forgetting how time consuming they can be.

Lastly, and when using Twitter Polls, remember to use a heading that will captivate people’s attention and will make them want to participate.  A proper considered heading will be able to capture attention of not only your followers but even others on the platform.  Never ever forget to reread your content before sharing on the platform.  A misspelled word gives a wrong view of an individual or a company and this in essence is something you might not want.   The simpler the question, the easier it will be for them to answer and participate.  If you have a product interest of a particular age group, be sure to indicate the same.  Happy polling!

Dos and Don’ts of Twitter Polls

When the twitter polls were initially introduced, they were mostly used for social purposes. They came out as a very good feature for anyone to use to keep the conversation going. A large number of media outlets would use them to keep their audiences engaged throughout their various shows. As their use however continued to grow, things evolved and it got to a point where businesses realized that there are so many benefits that they can enjoy form the use of the twitter polls. Today, these polls have become a great source of information for businesses that are using them. You will be shocked to find out that these polls have actually become a great avenue through which research and development is being conducted. They definitely provided a very good alternative considering the fact that they are cheaper and take much less time.

That being said, as a business using twitter polls, it is important that you ensure that you are using them right.In the event that you are for instance using them to conduct research and development you find that they become a very integral part of your organization. Using them wrongly could actually result in very adverse effects to your organization. That being said, below are some things that you should ensure are gotten right.

First and foremost always make sure that you maintain a professional outlook on the twitter polls. It is true that the polls are available on a social media platform. It is true that this is not really a formal platform and you have the permission to relax a bit. These are all facts that cannot be denied. This however does not mean that you should forget that you are a professional running a business and you still need people to take you seriously. It is very important that you find a way to balance the two. You need not be too serious but you also need not to appear as too much of a joker. You need to be able to make your audience feel comfortable and relaxed but still ensure that you maintain the professional outlook.

Do not be too much into controversial topics on the twitter polls. The polls are used to get the people’s opinions on many things. You could use them to get information on the market or simply engage your audience by finding out what they think about various issues. It is very important that you make sure that you do not create a controversial reputation for yourself due to the questions that you tend to ask. Remember that you are trying to run a business; you are not a celebrity that is looking to gain followers. You do not want to have your business continuously being associated with controversy as this will definitely have a bad effect on your bottom-line.

The twitter polls are an amazing avenue that you can use to both engage your audience and also get to know what they think about you and areas you need to improve on and take advantage of. Whatever you do always keep in mind that you are still running a business and it is important that you maintain a professional outlook.