How To Turn Your Social Media Music Sharing From Blah Into Fantastic.

News 04:09 September 2019:

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Before social media came about, musicians and bands had to have a recording contract and to wait for someone to promote their label. This is due to the fact that there was nothing like DIY music production and sales. This changed overtime as social media erupted and changed the world of music. Today, social media has played a vital role in self-promotion especially for indie artists. However, with many different social media platforms available in the market today, it hasn’t been easy for the music artists to create more fun in music sharing to reach potential fans who can buy tickets and download their music. In respect to this, here we have outlined some simple tips to help you turn your social media music sharing experience from blah into a fantastic one.

1.    Create a youtube channel

This can be one great way to transform your social media music sharing. This is one of the most used social media platforms by many music artists and fans as well. Free Youtube with its amazing search feature will help you find a new audience. Sharing on youtube channel to get free youtube likes promotes your music in related videos to the lovers of your music or bands genre. By this, it’s easier to capture a wide audience and get traffics from other channels with similar music or bands.

2.    Creating a Facebook fan page

This can be fun even though it is no longer that popular with under 35 demographic as it used to be in the recent past. However, we still have quite a number of people using the platform to connect with various artists. One can consider using Twitter, a great idea, but it can never be Facebook. Facebook will give you a chance to set up a fan page to promote your band as you share what you have on board. You will have time to make it great and engage as many fans as you want to.

3.    Connect your Instagram and Facebook

Make music sharing more fantastic by integrating your Facebook and Instagram posts to reach your fans. The two platforms have different strengths but a combination of both brings out the best and saves time. With a free Instagram account, use your feed and plug in other music bands line up and selfies with your fans, which is more casual and fan way to get your music going and reaching a wide number of music lovers. Instagram is more into tags and Facebook is also responsive to the same. When you post on Instagram, just don’t forget to share on Facebook and tag as many followers as possible.

4.    Livestreaming

This is another amazing thing you can do to avoid the boredom associated with music promotion on social media. Well, we can admit that it’s not easy or even cheap to get live streaming. However, there are a few ways you can live stream online without much hustle. Engage fan chats, broadcast performances, and singing events. Free Facebook profile will allow you to use your persona profile or even band page to live stream allowing you to communicate and chat with your fans to get their views hence making it more fun.

5.    SoundCloud

Getting on SoundCloud is another idea you will be happy you came across to help you make your boring moments while sharing your music on social media. Being one of the most used audio file-sharing, SoundCloud will give you a chance to share your tracks to reach more fans and reviewers all over the globe. Soundcloud will allow you to play on several social media platforms ensuring that you reach your dedicated audience and gives you a hint on where to focus on.   

Distributing your music will also help you big time to keep enjoying your experience on social media music sharing. This is based on the fact that people are using different platforms and it will be convenient if they get what they are looking for on the platforms they are already subscribed to. We have Spotify, soundclound youtube and quiet a number of them which many people have find convenient to use. Therefore, it is advisable, as a musician or artists who want their thing to keep going and not get bored in the process, try making your music available globally.

Best Social Media Info Privacy Tips You Will Read This Year

Today, social media has become a meeting place for everyone. Many people have been driven to it to by the advantages they are getting such as free Facebook fan page set up, Twitter traffic followers, free Vimeo sharing as well as business promotion using the social media platforms. But sometimes when you choose to use social media platforms, you have to bear in mind or be cautious of risks involved. However, since social media is here to stay, here we have outlined some tips to help you hit the ground and get going without being caught up in the middle with hackers and many scams in the social networking markets today.

Tip #1

When creating your free YouTube account or any other social media platform, choose a strong password. Never attempt to use a password you are already using on other sites on the web. You can generate and store your password using a password manager.

Tip #2

Still, on creating an account, there is always a security question provided. Let’s say, if you are to create a free SoundCloud account, you will be needed to answer at least one security question. A bit of advice, never give information that is already known by almost all your friend or even one that can easily be guessed. When you are using a password manager, it is advisable to record a false answer to a false question to be on the safe side. Always go back to your password manager in case you forget your password and wants to recover it.

Tip #3

In every social media platform you are going to use, make sure you review all the terms of service and privacy policy in every platform of your choice.

Tip #4

You should also be familiar with every general privacy tip available on the social media platform you are using. For example, on your free Tumblr account, be familiar with the default privacy settings. You can consider configuring the settings to ensure that you achieve the privacy you need.

Tip #5

It is always important to keep a watch on your mail box. Many hackers will tend to use the trick many phishers have used over the years, sending direct messages to your email box. Sometimes they will send you message posing as your colleagues or even friends a trick that might expose all important passwords. Keep a regular watch on your email to avoid such hackers.

Tip #6

Locking your phone is also as important as setting up your password for security reasons. Privacy is very important as far as social media is concerned. Have you ever thought of your phone falling into the hands of the wrong person? A total stranger? This is quiet tricky as far as your privacy is concerned. Keeping your phone unlocked will give a stranger a lot of freedom to invade your privacy. They can access your social account such as in your Vimeo site, they can get most of your email contacts, change your password and manipulate your privacy as they desire. Point of advice, keep your phone locked and make it as difficult as possible for a stranger to gain any access.

Tip #7

Make proper use of the block button on your media platform. This does not guarantee complete rid of spammers, but will at least hinder their efforts of coming back now and then. If for example, you have a twitter follower you think is spam, just ignore and go an extra mile to block them and inform others. You can report their account as spam to give an alarm to the media platform so as to monitor such accounts.

Tip #8

You can also consider using some free apps available in the market today to help you scan the news feed for malicious links and like-jacking scams. Such apps will scan your unsafe links and warn you of every potential threat, helping you to share with your friends to prevent the occurrence of such.

Keeping all these tips and many more not mentioned in this article will help you survive in this era that technology and social media platforms have taken over the globe. To sum up, I will advise that you always log off from your networking sites when done using them.