Parental Control in Instagram

News 04:10 October 2019:

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When it comes to social media, parental control is a hot topic. Every parent aims to protect their children’s innocence from online predators. We basically do this by setting our phones. We control the apps they use, the videos they can view, the books and TV shows they can see. We even control the screen time because we all know that social media browsing could be so addictive. Especially now that IGTV has been introduced, those with IGTV pose attractive contents so they could get as much free Instagram TV likes they could get. So even if we don’t like it, we are pushed to hand them the gadget. Let’s face it; that is the world evolve today.  Truth is, these tablets and smartphones were produced for a good purpose. However, there are people who are opportunists and always would like to take advantage of the good things we in our world today.

Before you panic and start confiscating your child’s gadget, read on until the end of this article so you will be enlightened. You will get some tips on how to make things better especially if your child is into social media. This article will give you insights that it’s not too dangerous at all, that you child can still give in some free Instagram TV likes, Twitter follows, or Facebook comments.

What are the things you can do to control you child from overusing social media?

Practice Walk the Talk Parenting

They need to see you walking the talk. Admit it, we can also be too engrossed with our smartphones especially if we are killing time. But you need to remind yourself that someone behind you is watching. Your child will mimic what you are doing. So start setting a good example. If you tell them that they are only allowed to use their gadget for 2 hours, and so are you.

Practice Proactive Parenting

Prevention is better than cure. So before its too late, you need to step in. Don’t be too swayed with their ranting and begging. Be firm. When you say no, you must mean no. Do not be like the other parents who had their realizations too late already that their kids can no longer stand up from their social media addiction.

Practice Cool Parenting

Social media is not evil. The love of social media is. So do not insist that social media is harmful for them. In fact, social media is designed for connection, for friendship, for information, and the likes. You just need to explain to them everything. In doing this, you should be doing your homework. Research so you can share informative and accurate insights to your kids.

The most important key here is time. Spend time with them. By all means, create your own Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account. Connect with your friends in Facebook, engage with other users in Twitter, and give free Instagram TV likes in IG. Do it while you’re with them. Connect with your children, start a conversation, and it will progress. At the end of it all, they will trust you, they will believe you.

Things You Didn’t Know About Free Instagram TV Likes

Nothing gets better than getting free Instagram TV likes for your videos without a catch. Everyone would love this as they connect with more people on Instagram. However, there are things many didn’t actually know about it and for this reason, we have some of the facts you need to know.

  1. You can use various apps to get the likes at no catch.

Instagram TV likes will help you to promote your video posts on Instagram and get you an increased number of followers and likes. There are several apps that will help you achieve your goal on your video posts at no cost. All you need is an active Instagram account to get a chance to participate, and there are a variety of apps that are not directly affiliated with Instagram that you can use. Some of these apps do not sell views but helps you to boost your exposure.

  • Free Instagram TV likes can be bought

You can buy Instagram video views using different apps. Well, posting a video on Instagram does not guarantee views or likes. However, you can buy various apps available in the market at an affordable cost to help you generate free IGTV likes. There are apps that start with prices as low as $2.95 which can get you up to a hundred likes on Instagram videos.

  • Sharing high-quality videos can earn you free IGTV likes

Everyone wants great content to actually click that heart on Instagram. When using IGTV, all you aim for is views and likes. Of course, you want to communicate something and get your followers viewing. Therefore, the secret to getting those views and likes coming forth is showing your face, knowing your colors and choosing your filters thoughtfully. This will give you high-quality videos and increase your video likes.

  • Proper use of hashtags will get you free Instagram TV likes

You gave your video the best, great. However, this does not guarantee views and likes. To get more likes, youcan keep up the pace with hashtags to help other Instagram users and non-users find you. To achieve this, ensure the use of relevant tags, place them just right, and vary them up. This will ensure proper use of a hashtag that will help you achieve your goal on IGTV.

  • You can tag relevant users to get those TV likes on Instagram

Once you have your video recorded, encourage your followers by tagging them and encouraging them to share with their followers. This will ensure proper engagement by others on your post and will increase the likes you get.

  • Commenting on and liking videos posted by others can gain you the free likes you want

Many people will post their videos and that’s it. They may not follow or even comment. This can be frustrating since by failing to replay to the comments on your videos, you discourage your followers who are trying to communicate and they will end up ignoring your posts. Get involved after you post your video, Scroll your feed, like what impresses you, and give feedback to the comments to ensure full engagement of your followers.

As you go about using the IGTV feature on Instagram, be sure that you participate in a social community that cares about others’ posts and this will ensure you get as much free Instagram TV likes as possible.